Stories that matter 

Who we are!

HOU DOCS is a documentary and factual production company that produces television in the US and Europe.

The company is established by Steffen Hou who is a true crime author and filmmaker with the ability of diving into the nature of the crime and the mind of the criminals.

For two decades he has investigated topics such as human trafficking, child abductions, hate groups and wrongful convictions on death row.

As a company we, however, create both true crime, entertainment and branded content. We like diversity!

What we do!

HOU DOCS works together with production companies and media groups around the world. We produce television, podcasts and even publish books. 

We are always interested in talking with creative people and sources about stories that matter and deserve an audience. 

Let's create together!



  We always develope and produce documentaries

based on journalistic virtues and objective storytelling. Both big formats, limited series & one-off documentaries.



  We always carefully consider which platform best conveys the story. Often it's like a podcast. Other times both as TV and podcast.

Corporate Movies


We help organizations and companies tell their stories

based on journalistic storytelling rather than glossy advertising talk. We create branded television know as sponsored content or advertiser funded programming.


Creative Development


  We are proud idea developers, but occasionally we do not produce the ideas ourselves. Instead, we are happy to help others develop their concept. 

Latest projects

We are extremly proud of our new format and premium adventure show GRAND CANYON that we've created and produced for Warner Bros. Discovery with friends at Pineapple Entertainment/Banijay. Together we share the format rights. The show is streaming on Discovery+ and HBO MAX.

GRAND CANYON is a survival show where celebrities have to survive the wilds of the Grand Canyon. The format has been mentioned in Variety Magazine as a show that sets a new global Tv trend.

In a new workplace-reality show, called 'DISCOUNT HEROES', we also set new trends for the TV industry and viewers.

DISCOUNTHELTENE is an entertainment format created by Hou Docs for Pluto Tv. In the show we follow "everyday life" in one of the world's largest companies, LIDL.

The uniqueness of the show is that it's financed by LIDL but published by a broadcaster. That's branded television and sponsored content as good as it gets! The show is based on Hou Docs' idea and production.